Strength based solutions

Seeking therapy to resolve an issue or to address a challenge is a sign of strength - not one of weakness.
Your decision to work with a therapist means you are ready to recognize, confront and resolve issues you've been unable to overcome alone.
Dan McGann is invested in your success.
He sincerely cares about his clients.
In a safe and neutral setting, he offers the guidance and the tools to guide your journey toward recovery and life success.

Dan McGann

Relying on years of expertise and experience, Dan works with you to identify issues that are holding you back.
He helps you uncover solutions to achieve success.
As an award winning therapist, Dan McGann has been recognized nationally and applauded, specifically for his work with teens.
Dan's ability to motivate clients through life change and improvement
is recognized by his professional peers and clients alike.

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168 Queen St South, Suite 208
Mississauga, ON., L5M 1K8
Phone: 416 970 2396
(Just above the TD Canada Trust in Streetsville)

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